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I should replace my front loader washing machine. Is it possible to have a space-saving appliance without compromising?

A custom-tailored product: there’s one for every need.

What characteristics must you take into consideration when buying a washing machine?

Think about the capacity that you need but also about the space where you can place your washing machine.

Estimates the amount of laundry to be washed according to your habits; The range of models is very deep to suite every need, capacity and space.

If you wash little laundry a time is enough a capacity of 5 kg, while for large loads you can opt for models with large kilos, that arrive to wash up to 10 kilos of laundry in standard dimensions of depth (equivalent to 58-60 cm)

The depth of washing machines varies from the super tight, which in just 33 cm wash up to 5 kilos of laundry, to the narrow ones, with a depth of 40 cm and with up to 7 kg capacity, to get to the standard washing machines with 58-60 cm that wash 10 kg of laundry.

Take attention to have enough space for the door opening. Alternatively you can opt for a top loading washing machine.

If you don’t have space problems, remember that the more capacious washing machines allow greater flexibility of use; thanks to a sensor detecting the load, you can wash it with the same efficiency as a small load, both bulky items (such a padded jackets and duvets) without wasting water and energy.

Don’t overlook the energy saving

Before you buy your new washing machine, it can be important to read the energy label; through icons and standard display, you can evaluate all the comparable features of the machine. The class with the best efficiency is A+++ that allows an effective energy saving, up to 70% less than an A class.

What are the useful things to know to wash as best as you can?

Upload correctly your wash machine but without worries. Studies show that users exploit only 60% of the capacity of the basket. Even if this should happen to you, don’t worry; The new washing machines have a detection sensor that automatically detects the load weight and adapt time and fuel consumption, without wasting water and energy.

Choose the right program

Choose the programs more suitable for your washings, considering that today there are rapid programs that allow to wash effectively and in less than an hour, fabrics and different colors in a single wash cycle.

There are also specific programs according to the type of fabric, such as cotton or jeans, or according to their delicacy, like silk and wool.

For emergencies, Candy created super fast cycles: from 44’ – 30’ and even only 14 minutes.

Do you need a technological help from your washing machine?

A smart appliance

If you want to run your washing machine at any time and control it even when you’re away from home, choose a model of the simply-Fi range: thanks to the Wi-Fi technology, you can manage it with remote control, using the free app for smartphone and tablet (IOS and Android) .