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I would buy a dryer, but I’m afraid that it can ruin clothes and affect too much on the bill. Is it true?

A tumble dryer can improve life especially during wet and cold periods, when drying laundry become very frustrating. There are many misconceptions and myths to debunk and to learn more about this popular and appreciated appliance.

Does the dryer damage clothes and rub them? No, it takes care of your clothes.

Despite what you might think, the dryer doesn’t ruin clothes. The new models, with heat pump technology, dry at lower temperatures than condensing conventional systems and guarantee a greater care of the fibers while preserving the integrity of fabrics. On the market there are dryers with programs designed to take care even of the most delicate fabrics like wool and that, as the new Candy GrandÓ line, has obtained the important certification of the Woolmark Company.

Moreover, thanks to features like Easy Iron, sometimes you can completely avoid ironing.

Big loads and small consumption: does the dryer consume a lot of electricity?

Some dryers allow you to load up to 10 kg of laundry in a single cycle, saving time and energy. But if you have only few clothes, no problem: the most innovative models are equipped with humidity sensors able to adapt time and water consumption based to the amount of laundry and the desired type of drying.

Using an appliance in A class at full load, the drying cycle will cost less than 50 cents: with the cost of one coffee you make 3 drying cycles! There are models that arrive up to A++ class that guarantee a better energy saving.

Does the dryer take long time to dry your laundry?

A normal cycle lasts about two hours and you can dry up to 10 kg of laundry. However, there are rapid programs that, with 40 minutes, dry your clothes and make them ready to use, or specific drying programs for certain types of fabrics that required reduced times. With newer models, provided with time programs, you can choose the drying time, regardless.

Are the pans of water uncomfortable to empty?

Some models have pans (tanks) of condensed water which are long and impractical, with the risk that the water may overflow during the emptying