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Introducing – The Candy Smart Steam Oven Range

The oven Candy Smart Steam is the result of the perfect combination of traditional cooking and steam cooking in one oven. With a touch, the water turns into steam and cooks the food while maintaining its organoleptic properties, without altering the original flavour. An ancient method of cooking that Candy has applied, simply and quickly, in her Smart Steam oven with steam cooking.

Imagine how many things you can do with your oven thanks to Candy’s simply-Fi App, such as choosing from more than 250 dedicated and automatic recipes for your last-minute dinners, talking to your oven when your hands are busy and controlling it remotely when you can’t get home on time.

Just as a good teacher brings out the best in each student, the Candy Smart Steam oven brings out the best natural qualities of food.

The steam function cooks your food delicately and for the correct time, leaving it tender but firm and tasty, ready to be eaten as is or with a seasoning of your choice. With the traditional cooking system, you can add a touch of crunch on the outside. More flavour and less fat, for foods that are easier to digest: this is Candy’s revolutionary formula.

The steam function can be used to cook vegetables, fish, meat and is perfect for recipes that need yeast: surprise your guests by baking homemade bread, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


Cooking with the Candy Smart Steam oven is child’s play. You can use the traditional functions but also the new steam function, perfect for making your dishes even healthier and more delicious.

The ease of use is unique, just long enough to count to three. Put the water in the cavity, select one of the four functions to activate the steam and press the button. The water will vaporize, and the cooking process will begin. Ready?


If you’re out and about and have no idea for dinner tonight, don’t worry – your troubles will evaporate! The Candy simply-Fi app will suggest recipes, tips, and tricks to make a good impression at the table.


Your Candy oven with steam touch is also available with connectivity and voice management functions, features never integrated into an entry-level appliance. Through the Candy simply-Fi App, you can access more than 250 extra traditional recipes, talk to your oven while having your hands in the dough, and control it remotely if you’re stuck. These connection-enabled procedures allow you to prepare delicious dishes for your family and guests in a faster and easier way.


Do you like to cook but hate cleaning the oven? Candy Smart Steam is your oven: it guarantees easy cleaning and maximum hygiene. Thanks to their effective cleaning system (Aquactiva), Candy Smart Steam ovens offer easy cleaning and complete sanitation. In addition, some models also have a double cleaning system: pyrolytic and hydrolytic, so you can choose the best program according to your needs and the degree of dirt.

All Candy Smart Steam ovens are equipped with the Aquactiva hydrolytic cleaning system, which is already effective at 90 °. With hydrolysis, the residues soften, which makes cleaning easier. Simply pour 300 ml of distilled water into the oven cavity and heat it for 30 minutes. At the end of the program, you will only have to rub with a sponge or cloth to remove dirt residues.

The pyrolytic cleaning system is ideal to clean your oven in depth without any effort. The temperature reaches 500 ° and, at the end of the program, it is enough to remove the ashes generated by the combustion of food residues with a damp cloth. All this in complete safety since the oven door is always cold.

If you choose the oven with the double cleaning system, you can use the Aquactiva program for daily cleaning and use pyrolysis to combat the toughest dirt and thus have an oven that is always bright and ready to use.

Discover the complete range of Candy Smart Steam Ovens on www.shopcandy.co.za or www.brandhubb.com

Credit: Candy Europe / Spain – https://www.candy.es/es_ES

Roslynn O’Moore – Shop Candy Store Manager & Brand Hubb Candy Brand Manager