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CANDY DIVINO 81 BORDEAUX BOTTLE WINE COOLER We can all agree that it would be a dream come true owning a winery!

Introducing – The Candy Smart Steam Oven Range

The oven Candy Smart Steam is the result of the perfect combination of traditional cooking and steam cooking in one oven. With


WORRIED ABOUT BUYING AN APPLIANCE AND NOT GETTING AFTER SALES SUPPORT? You NEVER have to worry about appliance repairs again if your

Steam oven recipes, light and tasty dishes

There is no need to sacrifice taste to stay trim – we just need to choose healthy food and use healthy cooking methods, which bring out all the food’s natural flavor

How to remove stains from tablecloths and clothes

If we tend to learn the basics of laundry growing up (or at least just enough to reduce the risk of matting our favorite jumper), then when we live independently

Induction Cooktop: How to choose it

The induction cooktop has several advantages that shouldn’t be underestimated. However, you need to know the main features to understand how to

Washing machines with inverter: technical specifications

When choosing the right washing machine for your needs various factors need to be considered. These include size, load capacity, energy class and

How to clean the dishwasher and keep it working efficiently

In order for a kitchen to be defined as well-equipped, there is a fundamental household appliance it must have: a dishwasher. It is a time- saving and, thanks to

I would buy a dryer, but I’m afraid that it can ruin clothes and affect too much on the bill. Is it true?

A tumble dryer can improve life especially during wet and cold periods, when drying laundry become very frustrating. There are many misconceptions and

How can I do to clean the glass inside the oven in the kitchen

Hands up who has never entered in a crisis to clean the oven of the kitchen! Especially if you’re a master chef, you know that the deposit of fat and oil don’t forgive you.

I should replace my front loader washing machine. Is it possible to have a space-saving appliance without compromising?

A custom-tailored product: there’s one for every need. What characteristics must you take into consideration when buying a washing machine? Think about

If I select a delayed start on my washing machine, liquid detergent will come in contact with the clothes before the washing cycle start?

All Candy washing machines with a delay start function can be used with any type of detergent including liquid detergent. The detergent enters the machine and is held

I cannot choose between electric hobs, induction and gas ones. Could you please give me some suggestions?

When you have to choose a hob among the gas, electric and induction you are spoiled for choice since each one has its advantages. Let’s find out together.

Static or fan oven? Which is the best method of cooking?

This question bothers everybody: both the new incentive of kitchen, both the most experienced chefs who have to grapple with a new recipe.

What do the symbols on the labels of clothes mean?

All garments have a care labels showing symbols on how best to wash the garment. Please ensure that you read this label and follow the washing instructions.