Static or fan oven? Which is the best method of cooking?

This question bothers everybody: both the new incentive of kitchen, both the most experienced chefs who have to grapple with a new recipe. So, there is no single answer, but we can learn to distinguish the two types of cooking, so to choose the best one, case by case. The important thing is that the oven that we decided to buy would support with success both cooking manners.

Let’s start with the basics: the difference among the types of heat

To ensure to our food the correct cooking, it is important to understand the difference between static and fan oven: fan oven bakes in a uniform way, thanks to the air flow which diffuses the heat while the static oven produces heat laterally or vertically. Regardless of the preference of baking, it is important to know that the two methods differ by about 20 ° C: 180 ° C of static oven are 160 ° C with fan oven.

How does the cooking mode influence our dishes?

The fan oven ensures a faster and homogenous cooking leaving food out fragrant and more humid inside. The static oven, instead, produces a slower and more delicate cooking, ideal for obtaining well cooked and dry even inside dishes.

When do you have to use the fan oven?

This type of cooking can be of great help when it is necessary to cook more foods simultaneously, because the heat arrives at each point of the oven. In this way we can use both the shelves, for example by cooking roast on the top and potatoes at the bottom, or lasagne and vegetables, fish and a side dish. Broadly, it will be good to favor this cooking method for foods which need a crust on the surface: fish, white meat, red meat, vegetables, baked pasta but also sweet with a soft heart.

When do you have to use the static oven?

Using the static oven is suitable for all foods that prefer a gentle cooking and which should be dry inside, such as risen food, that need a cooking to help them “grow”.

Since in the static cooking come into operation the resistors on the walls – with no air flow to move the heat – the food is cooked evenly from all sides. This is perfect for dishes like bread, pizza, focaccia, but also cakes, biscuits, meringues and sponge cake.

It is ready to eat!

With these simple information we are finally able to choose the best cooking for our dishes: Now you just have to test some recipes, wait patiently and … enjoy your meal!